Firing info: FYI 960 Sterling

FYI 960 Sterling ~ For Your Inspiration ~!

Fabulous easy one-fire FYI 960 metal clay.  It is .999 fine silver, mixed with a small percentage of copper, resulting in a piece which is .960 sterling silver.  It may be hallmarked as sterling by any assay office.

FYI metal clay has amazing pricing, workability and end-results ~ along with top-notch Customer service.

FYI Silver is nice and malleable straight out of the package ~ no mixing necessary.  It takes an impression beautifully, sculpts and moulds very well, is great for use with the Silhouette and die-cutting machines, and enables you to make beautiful 'snakes' and wee balls - all without cracking.  It is a true pleasure to work with.  

Shrinkage:  15 - 18%

There are a couple of significant differences with firing between the two versions of metal clay, so please read on:

Firing directions:  
FYI 960 is pre-mixed clay, ready to work straight out of the package.  Because of the small copper content, I suggest taking out only what you actually need, and wrapping the balance tightly in plastic/cling wrap (no air bubbles), then putting the wrapped clay into an airtight container (like a film canister).  This helps to avoid any oxidization.  If you will not be working with your opened pack of FYI 960 for several days in a row, I recommend storing it in your fridge.

FYI 960 must be fired in your kiln on a kiln shelf at 1600f (870c) for 60-90 minutes.  Hooray!  No messy carbon to deal with.   Once fired, do not quench!  Rather, leave your kiln closed until the temperature is a minimum of 400, at which point you can take it out, and set it aside to cool off completely.  Alternatively, you can leave your price in the kiln to cool down to room temperature.  The reason for this is, again, to avoid any oxidization.

It's a great Sterling Silver Metal Clay for beginners and long-time Pros, as it is very forgiving, and has a long open working-time.  FYI .960 Sterling is currently being used in workshops through-out North America, the UK, and many other countries.   It has been getting rave reviews from Teachers and students alike.  

All FYI Silver metal clay is sold in US funds, and the cost calculated on the fired metal content.  Shrinkage is 15 - 18%, which means that you can work a wee bit larger than usual, and then, once kiln-fired, your piece will shrink by approx 16%, and the details will be impossibly intricate and teeny, making your piece look all the more detailed and labour-intensive.