FYI .999 Fine Silver in POWDER form ~  25 gram pack

FYI .999 Fine Silver in POWDER form ~ 25 gram pack

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25 gram container gives you 24 gram weight after firing.  It is the same shrinkage as the FYI clays ~ approx 20% (the variable is due to the water you add in).  Incredible value.

FYI Silver, now available in a powder form.  Super fine, like talcum powder ~ works beautifully for a variety of tasks in your Studio.

Just add water!  Create your own silver metal clay at whim, use it to quickly and easily make creamy smooth slip/paste to cover organic items, to thicken up your reconstitued pieces, for slip-trailing a design onto pieces.  The possibilities for this fabulous FYI silver powder are truly endless. 

The leaf is a begonia leaf from my garden, which I painted with several layers of FYI Silver slip, the poppy pod is the same technique.  After firing, they were treated to a fun LOS patina. The other photo shows a piece created with the FYI powder as clay, with some magical embellishment post-firing.

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