CBS Dichroic Extract

CBS Dichroic Extract ~ it is awesome, amazing, and magical.  It is created from dichroic glass, then the extraordinarily thin (millions of an inch thick) coating is literally scraped off of the base layer, and placed into a small jar.

The resulting "magic dust" is the fumed metals and quartz crystals created from the dichroic glass deposition process.  Dichroic extract can be used for a wide variety of mixed media:  in glass, for lampworking, glass-blowing, fusing, as well as you have seen I have developed a quick and easy method to apply it to my FYI Silver metal clay creations.  It can also be used in conjunction with enamels on metals ~ the possibilties are truly endless.

For a history of Dichroic Coatings, please check out this info, courtesy of CBS ~ Coatings by Sandberg.

As well, this fab video by CBS (Coatings by Sandberg) - showcases just what it is they create, and how they go about doing so.  

These colour-chart pieces featured below were created with FYI Silver metal clay, and embellished with dichroic extract.  The photo shown on the left side, is the extract applied over a shiny silver colour.  It shows the transmitted colour, or the colour you would see if the extract were applied to a clear piece of glass, and you looked through it.

The colour shown on the left side is the reflected colour, or in this case, the extract applied over a dark patina'd silver, or how it would appear over a black opaque piece of glass.

Of course, there are variations in between, and much depends on the base on which you apply it to.  Many surprises and fun to be had with this incredible magic!

Please click on any photo for more information in terms of coverage area, etcetera.

I've written up a how-to in my Dichroic Extract FaceBook Group if you're curious to know how I applied it to the silver ~ everyone is welcome to join.