CBS Dichroic Extract Rainbow 2 - Colour #1:  Moon River

CBS Dichroic Extract Rainbow 2 - Colour #1: Moon River

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Dichroic Glass Extract Rainbow 2 - Colour #1:  Moon River ~ a Premium, blended colour.

Dichroic extract has both a transmitted colour (such as you would see when viewing through clear glass), as well as a reflected colour, such as you would see against a dark background.  The photo shows the extract applied to a shiny piece of silver on the left, and on a darker, patina'd piece of silver on the right.  Of course, there are also colour variations and possibilities anywhere in the middle.

The second image shows the dichroic extract painted onto smooth black glass, then fired.

The colours can/will change, depending on the surface you apply it to, the lighting circumstances, as well as the angle it is viewed from.  Fascinating and magical.

The dichroic coating itself is only 35 millionths of an inch thick ~ and yet can have up to 30 layers of colours applied in the special chamber.  Mind-blowing stuff.  

An entire 19 inch diameter sheet has 283 square inches of dichroic coverage, so a 1/16th jar is equivalent to approx 17 inches of coverage.

This is one case when less is certainly more.  You only want to apply one sparkle's height of extract to your piece.  If you add too much, the sparkles will obscure one another from light, creating a grey-ish icky colour.

Due to the rather lengthy process to create this magic, stock availability can and will fluctuate ~ if you see something you like, grab it while you can!

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