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Welcome to my customers, both new and old ~! 

Sep 29th update:

Here's the thing, sparkle freaks, First of all, results are rolling in from our Team Sparkle Pants Ambassadors, and if you're not already a member of our secret FaceBook group, focusing on CBS dichroic extract, then you really want to be. Put your name down here, and I'll fix you up.

And...the effect of spreading the colourful, magical sparkly dust has been rather staggering, so, as a PSA, here you go...

Heads-up! I got word from CBS today. It seems...well, we've not only cleaned them out of every last magical sparkle, they're having a heckuva time keeping up with our demand.

My back-orders are starting to arrive to me next week, as scheduled. Thing is, although CBS is a rather large company, producing gorgeous dichroic coatings in many variations, there is one person, and one person alone who does the extraction process for us. Apparently, he's working as fast as possible, and they're special air-shipping our stuff from one facility to the other, then ultimately to me, so I can turn-it-around to you all. Whew.

The good thing? CBS now has a better idea of 'us', and what we're wanting, and this entire back-order situation should be straightened away...soon-ish.

So...if you've been sitting on the fence and want some of this magical dust to up your own artwork, the sooner you can get your order in to me, the sooner your name will go up the waiting list, and be ultimately shipped your very own magic.

I'm keeping my ultra-special offer in place until this whole situation rolls more smoothly. A total of 20% off, free shipping, and a free jar of extract for orders over $100.  

Please enter the codeword   boat   at checkout, and receive an extra 10% discount, on top of the already reduced prices, free shipping, and for orders over $100, I will add in a 1/16th sheet size jar of a special exotic, unreleased dichroic extract colour.

It's time to jump on this wagon folks, 'cause it's gonna be a WILD ride!


I am thrilled to be able to offer/introduce you to CBS dichroic extract ~ the amazing, magical and wondrous colourful, sparkly stuff, thought up by the talented artist, Brian Serck, in collaboration with the fab team over at CBS - Coatings by Sandberg.  

I'm offering promotional pricing that can't be beat ~ also, Orders over $150 receive free shipping within the US/Canada, $15 International ~ all other orders, I am offering a promotional $5 flat-rate for as many individual jars as you would like, International rates are slightly higher.

Please bear with me as I get my ducks all in a row ~ I'll be adding content on a regular basis.

Feel free to e-mail me if you're interested in joining our secret group over on FaceBook.

I am always a message or phone call away ( 450-516-3426 ) should you have any questions.  Happy sparkle trails to you...

Enjoy this video, produced by CBS ~ Coatings by Sandberg, touring their facilities, and getting a look at how the dichroic magic is created. Awesome!

Wish Dishes and Hippie Mind Melts ~ All artwork shown on this page has been created by Valerie Lewis featuring magical CBS dichroic extract.


Please call: 450-516-3426 with any q's...